Entertainment center by Five Fork Studio

This is an entertainment stand made of oak supported by a steel frame. The "box" that makes up the shelves and sides is built from oak, biscuit joined and stained. The door (optional) can be made from the same wood or from a contrasting material as pictured. It's hinged on the right to open to reveal the space behind the door and the steel frame.

The steel is 3" x 3/16" flat stock, which wraps around the entire piece and has cross pieces which support the box (for the right leg- the left will support only the lower shelf). It's treated with gun blue and mineral oil. The weld beads are ground off of the outside edges but left in place on the inside angles.

The dimensions are 16-18" deep by 56" long by 24" high. We package using wood, cardboard, plastic and tape wrapping and ship via FedEx. We charge a flat $150 fee for shipping.