Wine glass side table by Five Fork Studio

This is a small side table that's great for resting wineglasses and drinks on beside a chair. The design allows the top to pass over a chair arm, offering similar benefits to a c-table.

The wood pictured was a really remarkable and unusual find. It was used to build a schoolhouse before the Civil War. The property owner was developing and needed the building gone, so he was planning on burning it down. He listed it on craigslist before doing so on the off chance he could get some money from someone interested in the wood.

Fortunately someone went and took a look. Heart pine is a very high quality wood that became very hard to find sometime around 1900 because all the old growth pine had by that time been cut down.

The base is made of welded 1x1" square steel tubing. The weld beads were left in place for a more industrial look. It is finished with gun blue and mineral oil.

The industrial supply place labels some pieces in a load they're shipping to make it clear where it's going- in this case Durham. I like to leave those labels on (somewhere inconspicuous) because I think it fits with the reclaimed vibe. The pine was in Prospect Hill, Durham NC for at least 160 years, so it seems appropriate to identify it as it moves on.

This table can be made using a variety of different woods and finishes. We can use mineral oil as pictured, or shellac/varnish, stain, or paint. The metal base can be delivered finished with gun blue and mineral oil, or powdercoat is available. Contact us to go over the color and types of powdercoat that we offer.