Dining Table And Matching Bench - Mixed Hardwood Top With Powder-Coated Steel Base by Five Fork Studio

This dining table and matching bench are designed to fit a large dining area. The top measures 84" long and 45" wide, and the bench is 15" wide and 70" long. The bases were welded from steel bar, 5" x 1/2" thick and the two large steel squares are connected at the top by several cross-members. The three squares that constitute the main support for the bench are made from 3" x 1/2" bar to compliment the shape and design of the table.

The top is made from many 2.5" wide strips of Ash, White Oak, Hard Maple and Black Walnut. It has been lightly stained and finished with polyurethane for durability and moisture resistance.

This design balances the physical presence of heavy and visually striking components with an elegant minimalism. The combination makes the table look light and inviting, while also being sturdy and robust.