Rekindle Studio

  •  Brooklyn, NY

Something often missing in the discussion of environmentally responsible furniture is the principle of longevity. Here at Rekindle Studio we love making the most out of the natural resources the earth provides. We not only celebrate the natural beauty of reclaimed and recycled materials, but also seek to create designs that are both timeless and structurally fit to last a lifetime. Most of the hand selected reclaimed wood that goes into our furniture is recovered from architecture that dates back 80 to 150 years. We see it as our responsibility to preserve this precious material with design and craftsmanship that will last as long as it is old. Every piece has its own unique characteristics; traces of rough hewn saw blade marks made by steam powered machines built before our grandfathers were born, oxidized holes left behind by square cut nails, a beautifully nuanced patina brought about by years coexisting with natural elements, these timbers carry with them a history of use and production that will never be repeated.

  • Criss-cross Table
    Criss-cross Table
  • Chef's Table - Limited Edition
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  • Pipe Base Table
    Pipe Base Table
  • Sleek Modern Industrial Reclaimed Bench / Coffee table
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  • Steel Frame Desk
    Steel Frame Desk
  • Reclaimed Wood Industrial Bookcase
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  • Reclaimed Wood Industrial Console Bookcase
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  • Low Profile Steel Side Table
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