Mark Grattan Design & Build

Mark Grattan is a furniture designer based in Brooklyn, NY. While studying art at the Pratt Institute, Mark rediscovered his love of furniture building that he developed as a child working with his father and now blends the two to create, what he calls, "functional art."


This line of furniture attempts to question structural capabilities. The exaggeration of directional lines seem functional but are primarily decorative serving no real purpose other than heightening the visual confusion. The asymmetry also plays an important role in this line as well - Unpredictable, erratic and dynamic elements. Other versions of this line of furniture perhaps called "left field" are even more boastful and mischievous. Inspired by tensile structures and architectural membranes. These works resemble skeletal structures in a way.

  • Asymmetric Chair 01
    Asymmetric Chair 01
  • Adjustable Dining Table with Easel Base
    Adjustable Dining T…
  • X Bench 01
    X Bench 01
  • Console Table 01
    Console Table 01